Support Local Dairy Farmers

Do you support the British dairy farmer & milkman?

   Get Fresh Milk Delivered

* Every single pint delivered helps keep a British Tradition alive

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We also deliver groceries

Free Range Eggs, Fresh Bread etc

We try to be a complete delivery service & as such we stock a range of groceries which can also be delivered along with your milk delivery.

  • Bread
  • Fresh Eggs
  • Coffee & Teabags
  • Butter, Cheese & Fresh Cream
  • Fruit
  • + Much More

Milk Delivered

Enjoy farm fresh milk & a selection of groceries delivered direct to your home or business.
Affordable prices & fresher produce than on supermarket shelves. We work alongside local dairy farms and milkmen to help save a dying British Tradition

People are forgetting what farm fresh milk tastes like.
We are trying to rectify that